Koki Nagai



About my recent circumstances

First of all, as an update, I moved from Nagoya to Kawasaki. Actually, when I was a new graduate, I lived in Tokyo for 4 months, so I had been thinking that I wanted to live near Tokyo again someday. Finally, after over 5 years, I moved up to the Tokyo area.

I lived in Nagoya for about 5 years in total. Although I had no connection or relation to Nagoya at first, it was a decent-sized city with low rent and delicious food. If you had a car, you could go anywhere. After living there, unexpectedly, I felt it was comfortable and now I think it was good that I lived in Nagoya. (When I was a student, I never wanted to live in Nagoya.)

When I changed jobs and moved from Tokyo to Nagoya, I didn't have any skills or experience. But at the company I moved to, I met wonderful people who gave me lots of experience, thanks to which I am who I am today. Thank you.

It's been about 2 months since I moved, but I go back to Nagoya irregularly, so let's get together for a meal in Nagoya sometime!

Another thing that happened is that on March 1st, I changed jobs to TVer. In Nagoya, I was at stmn for 3 and a half years and DeNA for about 1 and a half years, mainly focusing on frontend engineering at both companies. However, I started to feel a bit bored and stagnant, and I started to think that in order to grow further as an software engineer, I wanted to broaden my skills and work on developing more difficult applications.

So as I looked at various companies, I felt that my direction matched well with what I could do at TVer, which is why I changed jobs there. My immediate mission is to build an in-house web frontend team. Until now, web frontend development has been outsourced to external vendors, but this time I joined as the first web frontend engineer, and I will build a team to be able to develop in-house while ensuring quality and speed.

After joining, I feel that TVer's web frontend is a high degree of difficulty area, but also has great potential for growth. Considering the service has tens of millions of users, delivering with safety and performance in mind, the deep and broad domains of the TV industry, video players, advertising, etc. - the required technical level is high. On the other hand, since frontend development was previously outsourced, there are still many areas for improvement such as syncing design with systems, DevOps, architecture, and so on.

At first it will just be me driving things forward, but since there aren't enough people for what I want to do, if anyone is interested please let me know!

One more point, I started doing side work at a company called Glasp. Glasp is a service where you can share web articles, PDF documents and other content. The company itself is based in San Francisco, but the co-founder is Japanese. Since text communication is in English, I'm working on getting my English sense back...

I've been busy recently so my article writing and book authoring has stalled, but I'll try to find openings in my schedule to keep at it :)

Koki Nagai